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MacKillop’s Family Relationship Centres provide information and advice to families going through a relationship breakdown. We work with families to manage conflict and develop strategies that are in the best of interests of their children.

MacKillop’s Family Relationship Centres are located at:

We support parents, step-parents, care givers, and other family members to assist them make decisions around access, financial or legal decisions. We can also assist children, teenagers and grandparents.

Family Dispute Resolution

Also known as mediation, family dispute resolution supports conflicting parents to better communicate with each other and to help their children cope with this difficult time. It offers a safe and neutral space to talk about ways in which children can maintain a relationship with the significant adults in their lives: this can include a parent, grandparents or extended family members.

This service is guided by a Child Inclusive Practice to ensure the best interests of children are always a priority. We provide children the opportunity to talk independently with a trained

practitioner in a safe and supported environment, enabling them to voice any concerns or fears they have about what is happening within their family. This information is then fed back to the parents.

Our practitioners also use the Seasons for Growth program to help parents develop skills and knowledge to support their children through family change and loss.

Family Futures

The Broadmeadows Family Relationship Centre offers Family Futures, an early intervention program to help families strengthen their parenting and relationship skills. Working within a safe environment, we provide culturally responsive services to those from diverse communities and cultural groups.

Our services are confidential and culturally sensitive, supporting families with useful advice and referrals. We provide interpreters and staff from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Broadmeadows Family Relationship Centre also supports single clients to negotiate better outcomes in family disputes.

How to access these services

Family Relationship Centres are subsidised by the Commonwealth Government. While the initial assessment session is free, a means-tested co-contribution is required for ongoing sessions.

Concession and Health Care cardholders and students are exempt from paying fees.

Family Futures is a free and confidential program.