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MacKillop’s Family Relationship Centre (FRC) in Broadmeadows is one of 15 FRCs in Victoria. We aim to:

  • Support parents through separation
  • Strengthen family relationships, both before and after separation
  • Assist families to stay together and work together in the interests of children

We also offer an outreach service in:

  • Craigieburn
  • Sunbury
  • Wallan

Our work is primarily with separated parents, to assist them in managing their parenting arrangements during, and post separation. We also work with parents who are experiencing conflict in their relationship but would like to stay together. Please note this is not a relationship counselling service.

Family Dispute Resolution

Our core service is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). This is mediation for parents in dispute over children’s matters. Some of the issues that parents come to talk with each other about include:

  • Spending time arrangements/regular routines
  • Decisions about children’s education, health and wellbeing
  • Decisions about travel overseas with the children
  • Parenting styles and approaches across both households
  • Parenting information, advice and referral
  • Addressing the impact of family violence and safety concerns for the children
  • Parenting agreements when there is an IVO in place
  • Strategies for building a positive parenting alliance
  • Strategies for positive and effective communication between parents
  • Strategies for supporting children through the separation process
  • Property settlement

FDR offers a safe and neutral space for parents to come together and have a supported conversation about their children. FDR is future–focused and concerned with the agreements and plans that will benefit the child(ren) moving forward. If parents would like to discuss their separation in detail or address their past, we can provide referrals to appropriate counselling services.

Child Inclusive Practice

In general, children are not part of the FDR process. However, our Broadmeadows Family Relationship Centre can include children through consultation by a Child Inclusive Practitioner. The information gained from the session is then fed back to the parents in a separate mediation session without the child being present. This informs parents' decision making and ensures that the child’s experience of the separation and potential conflict is being taken into account.

Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution (LAFDR)

In collaboration with Northern Community Legal Centre and Moonee Valley Legal services, we have capacity to offer legally assisted mediation. Both parents have the benefit of a lawyer offering them guidance and on the spot consultation through the negotiation and decision-making process.

Who can access our service?

We aim to provide an inclusive service that to a diverse range of families in our community. This includes:

  • Separated parents either living independently or under the same roof
  • Parents who are still together but considering separation
  • LGBTIQ families and LGBTIQ separated parents
  • Grandparents and extended family
  • Culturally diverse families and parents from non-English speaking backgrounds

Basic requirements

In order to initiate mediation, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • You must have the contact details of the person you want to mediate with (personal email or postal address) preferably
  • You must not have an open case with Department of Families Fairness and Housing (DFFH) Child Protection
  • You must provide us with copies of any current court orders, intervention orders or DHHS orders for us to proceed with your case.

How to access Broadmeadows Family Relationship Centre

Family Relationship Centres are subsidised by the Commonwealth Government. While the initial assessment session is free, a means-tested co-contribution may be required for ongoing sessions. Concession and Health Care cardholders and students are exempt from paying fees.

Click here for further information about Family Relationship Centres or download our brochures below.

Please complete our enquiry form below or call us on 03 9351 3700.

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Please note this service is only available in Victoria.

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