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Annual Report

MacKillop has continued to provide outstanding support to vulnerable children and families in a vastly changed world, right through the pandemic.

Our programs support children, young people and families through the toughest of times. We do this by building strong and enduring relationships, delivering quality services, and maintaining a consistent focus on therapeutic, child-focused and trauma-informed practice.

Critically, our practice is informed by evidence. We collaborate with academic researchers to evaluate our programs, and we continue to build the evidence base to shape the service system of the future.

Our outcomes are demonstrated through this evidence, and in the amazing stories of the resilient young people and families we work with. Read more in our Annual Report and in the stories below.

To access previous editions of our Annual or Financial Report, please click here.

Our Impact in 2020-21

foster care homes
1,700 +
children and young people in residential and foster care
200 +
families supported with Disability Support Coordination
2,300 +
families provided with early intervention family support
520 +
children supported in our Schools and through our Education & Engagement programs
Child Protection staff in South Australia trained in Sanctuary

Our focus to support children, young people and families to heal is driven by our passionate commitment to social justice. We work for their right to be safe, to learn, and to feel nurtured and connected to culture.

We are driven by quality, and we enable hopeful futures by continually improving our services, based on evidence.