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Encourage others to open their door

Help promote the need for foster carers in your community

Each year, the number of children and young people needing foster care grows, but sadly the number of foster carers is not keeping pace.

As the world comes to terms with cost of living difficulties, we know the need for foster carers will increase as additional stressors placed on already vulnerable families will see an increase in the number of children coming into care.

Many in the community do not know that it is people just like them who are opening their doors to children unable to live at home. Foster carers come from all walks of life, some are single or have a partner; have children of their own or not; own or rent their home; work, stay at home, study or are retired; and can be from any culture or religion or sexual orientation.

If you know someone who wants to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people in need, then you know a potential foster carer.

Help promote the need for foster carers in your community

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