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Trauma-informed Care

We are committed to creating trauma-informed communities that build environments where people are supported to cope effectively with stress and trauma and promote their emotional and behavioural health.

Being trauma-informed means understanding how past adversity and trauma can continue to affect a person throughout their life. At MacKillop, our trauma informed model is the Sanctuary Model.

A trauma-informed model drives our organisational culture in recognising that trauma has an impact, not only on the person who has experienced it, but also on staff and the organisation as a whole. Sanctuary guides our organisation to create a safe environment for all, that is sensitive to the impact of stress upon individuals and groups. It teaches all of us to cope effectively with stress and to recover. Sanctuary also guides MacKillop in supporting staff and carers to form communities that are supportive and caring and to maintain a culture that reflects these qualities at every level within the organisation.

The Sanctuary Model enables MacKillop staff to support their clients more sustainably. With a deeper understanding of the impact of stress on all of us, we are better equipped to respond to the needs of the children, young people, families and colleagues more resiliently.

MacKillop Family Services, through Our Institute, supports organisations to implement the Sanctuary Model within their own organisations. Find out more.