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Our Ambassadors help to raise awareness of MacKillop Family Service’s programs, which empower children, young people and families to thrive.

We truly value the significant contribution our Ambassadors make in helping us achieve our vision of every child living in a safe and supportive environment.

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Sam Docherty

Co-captain of the AFL’s Carlton Football Club.

One of the joys of playing in the AFL is the ability to use my influence to help people. I’m proud to be an Ambassador for MacKillop Family Services’ so that I can make a positive difference for vulnerable children.

For me education is so important. School is where I made a lot of my life long friends and early social connections. I wouldn’t be where I am today without school. Everyone deserves the right to an education, and it has been great to see the impact MacKillop’s therapy dogs can have on helping vulnerable children get back to the classroom. Donating to Paws4Kids will allow more vulnerable children to get a better start and opportunity at an amazing life.

– Sam Docherty

Paws4Kids Ambassadors

We are incredibly grateful to our Paws4Kids Ambassadors for their generous support in helping us raise funds for our therapy dog education program. The program supports vulnerable children who are currently disengaged or at risk of disengaging from education to improve their confidence, self-regulation and behavioural management skills.

Lara Shannon

Executive Producer and Co-Host of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play and author of ‘EAT, PLAY, LOVE your dog’.

Education provides children with hope and opportunity. This program is providing those that need it most the chance to re-engage with school and complete their education, which is something many people take for granted. Donating to this initiative helps those that may feel the world has forgotten about them know that people do care.

– Lara Shannon

Christie Whelan Browne

Australian Actor and regular on Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell.

Let’s all agree on something ok? There is nothing sweeter than a service dog. Who makes peoples lives better by just being in them. Being amazing friends and teachers, calming forces, epitome of LOVE and connection

Paws4Kids is an amazing charity which uses therapy dogs to help children who are in Foster Care and who are unable to attend school for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they can’t leave the house due to anxiety, or they have issues with violence with other children, or they have learning difficulties.

This amazing charity is looking out for those kids who are really struggling and need some help and love in their lives. Their aim is to raise $300,000 so that more children can have access to therapy dogs to help them reengage with education and follow their dreams. If you would like to help, whatever you generously donate on April 22 will be tripled by their generous partners. So? It’s the perfect time to help.

– Christie Whelan Browne
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