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Annual Christmas Fair a huge success

This holiday season, the MacKillop Family Services’ Annual Christmas Fair made a meaningful impact on the lives of several young individuals, ensuring they experienced the joy of Christmas, despite their challenging circumstances.

A MacKillop Case Manager secured gifts for Phillip*, a young boy recently placed with a new foster carer. Stepping in to provide support when Phillip's grandmother was unable to provide presents due to family violence, the Case Manager ensured that Phillip had a plethora of gifts to unwrap on Christmas day. This gesture bought a sense of normalcy and joy to Phillip during the festive season.

Anne*, a mother separated from her baby who is currently living with her sister, recently moved into a new home and has been diligently following her court-mandated reunification plan. MacKillop's support has been instrumental, allowing Anne to share Christmas day with her son. The Christmas Fair ensured that her baby received a special gift, fostering a sense of connection and celebration during this significant time.

Stephanie*, residing with her mum and grandparents, faces the challenges of a working family prioritising essentials amid the rising cost of living. The Christmas Fair lightened their financial burden, providing Stephanie with the joy of receiving gifts during the holiday season, even in the face of economic hardships.

Robert*, living in supported independent living, has shown resilience by actively seeking employment to support his family. Despite financial constraints, Robert selflessly contributed the majority of his first pay check to his mother. The Christmas Fair recognised Robert's dedication and ensured that he, too, experienced the warmth and generosity of the holiday season.

Through these stories, the MacKillop Family Services’ Annual Christmas Fair has exemplified the spirit of giving, bringing joy and hope to young lives facing adversity during the festive season. Thank you to all who donated gifts this Christmas.

*Names changed to protect privacy