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Support for Foster Carers

We provide a range of support to foster carers throughout their fostering journey.

MacKillop appreciates the invaluable role played by foster carers, and we will help you to provide the best care you can for a child.

Support for foster carers includes:

  • comprehensive and flexible training courses
  • ongoing support from a designated case worker
  • access to a team of specialists
  • an after-hours call service
  • support to help you plan your foster child’s care
  • access to respite care for your foster child when you need a break
  • links to other MacKillop foster carers in your area
  • MacKillop newsletters with information and resources for foster carers.

MacKillop is an accredited Sanctuary organisation. The Sanctuary model focuses on safety, and understanding how past adversity and trauma can affect people’s behaviour. It recognises that trauma also affects the carers who work with traumatised people. Sanctuary helps carers form communities that are supportive and caring.

Foster care payments

State governments provide financial support to foster carers. Carers receive regular payments to cover some of the costs of caring for a child, such as food, utilities, clothing, school needs, recreational activities, medical and dental costs.

Foster care payments are tax-free. The government determines the rates, which vary depending on the child’s age and needs. Here are links to the rates of payment for the three states in which MacKillop operates:

If you have any questions about support for foster carers, please call us on 1300 791 677.

Take the first step to becoming a foster carer today.

Download our information booklet

This booklet contains lots of information about foster care and our approach to it. The booklet is tailored to each state where we work - download a copy for the state in which you live.