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Requests for Records

MacKillop is committed to the efficient and transparent release of client records. We will review and release client records in accordance with our legal obligations and Privacy Statement.

Requests for Client Records

All current and former clients of MacKillop have the right to access their records. This right extends to those clients who were engaged with agencies that MacKillop has assumed responsibility. Clients may request their records by contacting the relevant staff member, program or office they engaged with. If these details are not known the request can be directed to

All requests for third parties seeking client records including family members, legal and other representatives should be directed to MacKillop’s Privacy Officer and sent, in writing, to

Historical Records

Our Heritage and Information Service is responsible for preserving and safely storing the historical records for orphanages and children’s homes established by the Sisters of Mercy, the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph. The collection of records managed by the Heritage and Information Service dates from 1857 to June 1997.

To learn more about this service or if you would like to request a search to be made for information about yourself or a family member, please submit a request using our Records Enquiry Form.