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Why Become a Foster Carer

Hear directly from MacKillop foster carers and their families who have opened their door to children in need of safe and nurturing homes.

Foster carers have diverse backgrounds. Some have extensive experience caring for children with families of their own who may have grown up and left home. Others still have their children and home, but have a spare room and capacity to care for more. Others are singles or childless couples who have the desire and capacity to care for a child in their community.

Whatever their background, what all foster carers have in common is an ability and a desire to provide a safe, nurturing, homes that can make a huge difference to a vulnerable child’s life.

Hear directly from foster carers in This Glorious Mess

Hear from a young person formerly in care, our foster carers and MacKillop staff as they talk about their experiences, challenges and all things foster care on Mamamia's parenting podcast: This Glorious Mess. Featured below are two podcast: Little Kids and Big Kids.

Our foster carers open up about their experiences

We’re incredibly proud and grateful for our team of dedicated foster carers who have opened their door to children who need safety and stability. Below, our foster carers open up about their experiences and the rewarding contributions of becoming a foster carer.

The impact of foster care on biological children

Children in foster care can be from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and range in age from newborns to teens: the difference you can make to their lives is unlimited. In fact, some of our biggest supporters are the children of carers who express how much they enjoy learning and sharing their lives with other kids.

Take the first step to becoming a foster carer today.