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School Speaker Program

We welcome schools to host guest speakers that will inspire students and teachers to be part of the solution.

Our School Speakers Program offers a wide array of speakers and topics, ranging from mental health to career guidance and social justice. Schools have the flexibility to choose topics that align with their students' interests and needs and invite speakers accordingly.

The School Speakers Program is available on a per-session basis, with costs tailored to the desired session duration. The Program is designed for primary and secondary school students as well as teachers, and operates on-call, allowing schools to invite speakers to their premises based on their chosen speaker and topic.

In the last week of school, we had futures week, we had a guest speaker from MacKillop Family Services. Personally, I was inspired listening to Casey’s experience when she was in residential care. She explained to us the hard times she went through and how she bounced back. It was inspiring to hear that even when you are at your lowest, you can always bounce back and achieve whatever you like, just like she did!

– Ava Grigg, Year 10 student

For more information or to find out how to get your school involved, please contact Susan Parajuli on: