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There are many types of foster care. You can provide care for a weekend, a few weeks, a few months or even years. You choose the type of care that suits you.

The most common types of foster care are emergency, respite, short and long term. We also offer some specialist models such as therapeutic and live-in foster care.

Emergency care

Emergency carers care for children when their safety is at immediate risk. For this reason, emergency carers are often called on at short notice. The child stays for a short period (sometimes only one night) while a care plan is developed and a longer term placement can be found.

Respite care

Respite carers provide planned care for a child for a short period, typically one or two weekends a month. Respite carers provide crucial support for the child’s parents, guardians or regular foster carers, by giving them a break. Respite carers allow the child to experience a different home environment.

Short term care

Short term carers generally care for a child for between one month to two years. There is usually a plan in place for the child to rejoin his or her birth parents or guardians, who receive support to improve their ability to care for their child.

Long term care

Long term carers provide much needed stability, safety and security for a vulnerable child or young person who cannot return home for a longer period, if at all. They may need support for a period of years, or until they reach adulthood.