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School fundraising

MacKillop Family Services value the passion and commitment of students across Australia in bringing positive change to society.

We invite schools to take part in the following programs to raise awareness and to support vulnerable children, young people and families in their local communities. School engagement opportunities include:

Social Justice workshop for Student Leaders

We host multi-school workshops on social justice issues faced by marginalised children and families right here in Australia. Your leadership students can learn about the history of care in Australia, the experience of young people in foster or residential care today, the impact of childhood trauma and how we help young people through it, and our family services. They will also have the opportunity to meet students from other schools and share their insights on social justice issues.

School Speakers' Program

Our expert speakers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience in supporting Australia’s most vulnerable children, young people and families. Their talks will inspire students and teachers to be part of the solution.

Mary MacKillop Feast Day Celebration

In August, we invite schools to celebrate Mary MacKillop Feast Day with us by using our reflection on Mary MacKillop and other classroom activities, hosting a MacKillop guest speaker to talk about how we continue her work today, and/or fundraising for our work.

Christmas Gift Appeal

Each year, MacKillop arranges a gift fair during the Christmas season, dedicated to providing gifts for children and young people within our foster and residential care programs. This initiative relies on contributions from schools, local organisations, and individuals, who generously donate a range of physical gifts such as toys, accessories, and gift vouchers. We invite you to participate in this heart-warming initiative. Your generous contribution, whether it's a monetary donation or a gift item, will help us bring comfort and happiness to children and young people in our care.

Other ways your school can get involved...

We would be honoured if your students would consider raising funds for MacKillop Family Services through initiatives such as:

For more information on any of our school engagement opportunities, please get in touch with our Community Engagement Officer, Susan Parajuli: