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MacKillop Family Services, a Catholic community agency, exists to support, foster hope, and promote justice for children, young people and families, particularly those who have experienced distress, disadvantage and abuse.

The power of memories (and the time I fell in the toilet!)

MacKillop staff member Andrew Dodds tells us about an inspiring young man he met when he was Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentor (also known as Lead Tenant) and the lesson he learnt about the importance of holding on to the memories that can sustain us. It was late in the evening when the young man returned home to the Lead Tenant house where I was the Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentor. He greeted me with a big broad smile and took a seat on the couch. I asked him if he would like a hot chocolate. "Yes ... Read More

'A Big Day In' for children with a disability

Children with a disability don't always have the opportunity to spend time away from the things they know. Often their world can consist of their home, school and sometimes the homes of extended family. MacKillop Family Services' A Big Day In program can help begin to broaden their experiences. Read More

"If you had a ball, you had a friend": Former resident shares his experience in St Vincent's orphanage with his family

John's memories started flooding back the moment he arrived. "These aren't the doors we used to enter by," he said, as we walked through the front entrance. "This was the Brothers' entrance, we had to enter around the side." John and Maureen Ellis visited MacKillop Family Services to show their children and grandchildren John's childhood home. Read More

Children are not passive witnesses to family violence

This op-ed by MacKillop CEO Robyn Miller was original printed in the Council to Homeless Persons' Parity magazine (August 2016, volume 29 - issue 7). Several years ago I was working with a family in which violence was an all-too-common occurrence. The father had told me the children did not notice his violence, "they just sit in their bedroom, playing quietly." Read More