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Help change a child's life in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

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MacKillop Family Services, a Catholic community agency, exists to support, foster hope, and promote justice for children, young people and families, particularly those who have experienced distress, disadvantage and abuse.

Sibz - Supporting the Siblings of Children with Disabilities

It can be hard sometimes to be the sibling of someone with a disability. That?s why we run MacKillop?s Siblings Program known as Sibz. Sibz is for children and young people who have a brother or sister with a disability. Unfortunately the siblings of a child with a disability are a forgotten cohort of people needing support. Do a search for support programs for parents, carers or people with a disability and you?ll find many options. If you look for support for siblings your choices drastically drop. Siblings don?t fall into the disability or ?at risk? ... Read More

From Typewriters to Tablets: The History of Technology Use in the Community Services Sector

Trevor Smith, IT Coordinator at MacKillop Family Services, reflects on 30 years of technology progression within MacKillop Family Services and the community services sector. At the risk of being labelled a dinosaur, I thought it might be interesting to look back on the changing stages of technology within MacKillop and across the community services sector over the past 30 years. Questions around the positives and negatives of technology have been raised many times and are still being asked today. Read More

Back to their Future - How to Re-engage Young People with Mainstream Education

As Lead Teacher at the MacKillop School in Geelong, Caitlin Burman believes education is the key to empowering young people to break through social disadvantage and end the generational impacts of trauma. The MacKillop School in Geelong provides a flexible learning environment for young people who are disengaged or at risk of disengaging from education. Many of our students will eventually transition back into mainstream education. Read More

Harmony on the Menu

Our Family Relationship Centre at Broadmeadows held its first community dinner on Wednesday 30th September. The purpose of the community dinner was to promote respect, understanding and acceptance between various cultural groups, fostering harmony in the Australian Society. Read More

Our Supporters

We would like to thank all those in the community who believe in MacKillop; your support enables us to assist disadvantaged children, young people and families in the community.

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