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MacKillop Family Services, a Catholic community agency, exists to support, foster hope, and promote justice for children, young people and families, particularly those who have experienced distress, disadvantage and abuse.

Ask a foster care expert: The PACE parenting principles for children who have experienced trauma

In this installment of 'Ask a foster care expert' our Therapeutic Care Team take you through PACE parenting approach. The PACE principles of parenting can be a great resource for parents or foster carers looking for guidance on interacting with children and young people in care, particularly those who have experienced trauma. PACE stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. It was developed by Dr. Dan Hughes, a clinical psychologist based in the United States, who specialises in the treatment of children and young people who have experienced abuse and neglect. Read More

Teachers: what is your students' behaviour saying to you?

Educators have known for some time about the importance of allowing students to have a voice in their learning, teaching and schooling. We know that by allowing students to have a hand in shaping their learning experiences, we create better engagement, participation and ownership. We can create the leaders of tomorrow, as well as be inclusive of those students who previously felt disempowered within the school context. Read More

National Reconciliation Week 2016

The theme for this year's National Reconciliation Week is 'Our History, Our Story, Our Future'. This year's theme inspired staff from our South Melbourne site to perform some research into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and story of the local area. This is what they discovered. Read More

I didn't think I could foster children... I'm so glad I was wrong

I'm 34, single, and I work full-time. I don't have children, and I live in a share house. While I'd felt for a long time I had the emotional resources to be a foster carer, I didn't see how it could work practically. Then I found out about home-based respite care- a model where I could go and live-in with the kids for one weekend a month, rather than them coming to me. I didn't need my own home; I could continue working full-time, and I would be supported by a larger care team of MacKillop ... Read More

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