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Finding strength in her culture

When MacKillop’s family therapists first met Evelyn*, she was navigating the collective traumas of her three children, all of whom had been in care the previous year.

Finding strength in her culture, Evelyn had already achieved so much. She had left the abusive father of her children, became a working single mother, and engaged in therapy.

“We helped Evelyn to cope with the grief and guilt she felt from her children being placed into care. We used traditional Aboriginal Healing Practices to support her healing journey,” said Nerida, the Supervisor of our NSW-based Functional Family Therapy - Child Welfare program.

“When she felt strong in spirit, we began working with her on parenting styles, setting boundaries, and developing opportunities for her to bond with her children. We supported the family to move to a larger house and worked with the children to determine their specific needs, so we could connect them with ongoing and targeted support. We set her up on a trajectory where she’s empowered, working full-time, and living in a 5-bedroom home. She now has her power back and is a confident mother,” Nerida said.

“Crisis is an opportunity for change and every person given the right support, empathy and compassion has the capacity to grow. I did,” said Evelyn.

*Name changed and stock image used to protect privacy