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Guardian angels for children needing love

Described as loving, dedicated and compassionate, Lorraine and Sam Griffiths have been MacKillop foster carers for 20 years and clearly embody our shared values of hope, collaboration and respect.

During this period, they have cared for over 140 children and young people with special needs, while also caring for three young people in their permanent care and three adult children of their own.

In 2020 they welcomed a baby boy with serious, life-limiting conditions into their home. Lorraine and Sam have dedicated their lives to this boy, spending weeks at a time in hospital by his side and attending countless specialist appointments.

Thanks to their love, care and unconditional support, the now three-year-old boy is reaching developmental milestones the health professionals and wider care team never thought he would reach.

At an awards ceremony in 2022, eldest son Matt reflected on his parents’ foster care journey with these beautiful words:

“All these kids … had one thing in common. They needed to be loved, and that was one thing that my amazing parents had plenty of to give. They loved them like they were their own, protected them and gave them shelter. They gave them everything they had without hesitation… Congratulations on this Award mum and dad. You truly are angels.”