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Helping Hugo to flourish at school

Before coming to MacKillop Education, Hugo* found it difficult to engage with groups of students in a classroom and socially at his mainstream school.

With moments of physical escalation when he was overwhelmed or anxious, and his social and emotional skills shut down, it was clear to MacKillop Education staff that Hugo needed one-to-one support at school.

During his time at MacKillop Education, the school psychologist facilitated assessments which provided Hugo with strategies that helped him settle, learn and feel safe in the classroom.

It wasn’t long before Hugo’s attendance at school began to increase as school staff felt confident that he could mix positively with other students. Through regular emotional literacy sessions, Hugo uses his newfound knowledge and understanding to improve his communication and interactions with staff and students.

Hugo has embraced teachings about Safety Plans and is now able to independently self-regulate, should he feel overwhelmed in the classroom. He also now shows empathy towards others, and often provides support when there has been disharmony.

“The staff at MacKillop Education Caulfield are extremely proud of the efforts Hugo has made at school and believe that he has great potential to continue to grow as a well-rounded individual,” comments Margie Mutimer, Hugo’s teacher.

It is anticipated that Hugo will transition to a mainstream high school in 2023.

*Name changed to protect privacy