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Meet the new Intake Officer, Brendon Jones

We’re very excited to introduce to you Brendon Jones, a new staff member at MacKillop who you may hear from directly, as Brendon will coordinate placements for children coming into care across New South Wales.

Brendon Jones has come on board in a new role to coordinate all placement requests across the state. Currently, these requests come from the Department to various people at MacKillop. Brendon’s role centralises this process, ensuring a coordinated and swift response. Through Brendon’s role, we seek to achieve greater stability for children and young people in care.

From 1 March, Brendon will receive all placement requests across NSW. This means he will be the key person at MacKillop calling foster carers to discuss potential placements with you. Please look out for a call from Brendon. You may like to save his number in your phone - 02 4250 5510. Learn more about Brendon in our Q&A with him below.

While Brendon will call you to discuss future placements, the case manager of the child placed with you will provide you with ongoing support during the placement. Support is also available from our After Hours team who can be contacted in the evenings and on weekends on 1300 650 076.

Where are you based and what roles have you been in previously?

I am currently based in the Wollongong office although I will be providing intake services across NSW. Many moons ago I was a foster carer and youth worker in residential care. After a few years I became the residential coordinator managing and supervising youth workers. I then moved into foster care as an Aboriginal Case Manager, I have gone on to do case work in Queensland and then Newcastle and have found myself here at MacKillop on the beautiful South Coast.

How would you describe your current job to a child?

It is my job to help kids feel safe by finding them the best carers for them, whether it is for a short time before going back to family or it is their forever home.

What is your favourite thing about working at MacKillop?

My favourite thing about working at MacKillop is that I feel like I belong here, even after just a few short weeks I have felt welcomed and supported.

What is something that motivates you?

I am very motivated by change, I wake up every day with the desire to make change in some way.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that in the future there will be no need for me to be in this role. Got to aim high!