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Volunteering to make a difference

At MacKillop, we’re thankful to those who volunteer their time to give back to the community.

Whether it's volunteering through family support, mentoring or nurturing young people in care our volunteers make the world a better place.

Please enjoy these three stories that highlight people with the passion for making a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Olivia and Phillip*

Since 2023, Olivia has been brightening the life of 10-year-old Phillip, who was diagnosed with hyperactive ADHD.

Every other weekend, she whisks him away for fun outings, offering respite and a change from his everyday life.

With his older sibling having severe disabilities, Philip's mum's ongoing care for his sibling is required which can be difficult for Phillip. However, Olivia's visits are a breath of fresh air for both Phillip and his mum.

From park trips and bike rides to arcades and bowling alleys, Olivia has created joyful memories that will leave a lasting and positive impact on Phillip.

He eagerly awaits their adventures and returns home calmer and more balanced.

"He's a fun kid!" Olivia says, finding a connection with him that reminds her of her own half-brother.

Olivia's dedication to Phillip is making a real difference in this young boy's life.

Komal's connection with Sandra*

Komal's bi-weekly visits bring kindness, hope and support to 39-year-old mum, Sandra, who lives with a mental health condition.

While Sandra's new medication has caused lethargy and demotivation, making it difficult to care for her child, with each visit, Komal patiently built trust and rapport, turning their initial one-word interactions into hour-long conversations filled with genuine connection.

Komal's support has evolved to more than just words. She helps with morning daycare drop-offs, and they enjoy outings to cafes and walks together.

Sandra's initial withdrawal has blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She has gone from having no motivation to leave the house, to planning and looking forward to the next visits with Komal, making suggestions on where they can go, even suggesting catching public transport to get there.

Komal's unwavering dedication has empowered Sandra and brightened her child's life.

Emma's connection to children with special needs

Emma's compassion shone through at a recent dinner for parents in a strengthening program.

One mum, hesitant due to her children's autism, developmental delays, and ADHD, almost missed the event. But Emma's warm presence helped her to feel comfortable and engaged.

Emma's ability to connect with the children was truly magical. She read them a book, captivating them completely and leaving them all very entertained.

The mum, filled with emotion, expressed her gratitude: "Emma was sensational! She was beautiful with my kids."

Emma's genuine care and understanding created a moment of joy and connection for this family, reminding them that they are supported.

If you are interested in volunteering with MacKillop and want to know how you can help support our young people and families, register your interest to learn more about our Volunteer programs.

*Names changes to protect the privacy of clients