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South West Emergency Care for Children joins MacKillop

We are excited to announce that South West Emergency Care for Children Inc (SWECC) transferred to MacKillop Family Services on Saturday 1 December 2018.

SWECC provides in-home practical support and child care services to families in crisis in South West WA and has a long and well-regarded history of delivering high quality services to families and children in crisis.

“MacKillop Family Services currently operate foster and kinship care in South West WA and the addition of SWECC introduces MacKillop as a provider of early intervention services in the region,” MacKillop Family Services CEO Dr Robyn Miller said.

“This delivers on our strategic goal to grow the capacity and reach of our programs to empower children, young people and families to be safe, thriving and connected to culture and local community,” she said.

Former Chair of South West Emergency Care For Children Nicky Smith said it was a natural alignment for both organisations.

“Together we can increase the positive outcomes of our work in the South West through shared skills, knowledge and resources,” Ms Smith sasid.

“MacKillop’s values of justice, hope, collaboration, compassion and respect strongly align with the values of SWECC. Furthermore, both organisations are committed to trauma-informed approaches to working with families in crisis,” she said.

Following the transfer of business, all SWECC staff will be trained in the Sanctuary Model – MacKillop’s organisational framework for trauma-informed care – which will enhance their capacity to deliver positive outcomes for families in the south-west region.

SWECC will continue to be known as South West Emergency Care for Children (SWECC Program) and will operate as a program of MacKillop Family Services. The service the community is accustomed to receiving will not change. As part of MacKillop Family Services the service will have a new look, however it will continue to be provided in the same way, by the same staff, in the South-West region.

“We are committed to the work SWECC does in the region, deeply respect the value it has in the community, and look forward to continuing the positive impact it provides for families in the region,” Dr Miller said.

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