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Foster care with MacKillop Family Services

Foster care with us

Hear from real foster carers about the rewards and challenges of being a foster carer. Six MacKillop foster carers speak frankly about their personal experiences.

Watch the full version of the video here.

The first step to becoming a foster carer is to fill out our online Make an enquiry
form or to call us on 1300 791 677.

MacKillop Family Services urgently needs foster carers in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia to provide stable, loving care for vulnerable children and young people.

MacKillop foster carers come from all types of backgrounds and families. Our foster carers are singles or couples, have children of their own or
do not; work part-time, full-time, stay-at-home, study or are retired; and are from a wide range of cultures, religions and ages.

What we care about most is that you can provide a safe, nurturing home for children and young people. If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you right now.

Hear about the experiences of current fosters carers on our Foster Carers Profile page.

To view some of the current foster care opportunities and upcoming events visit our Foster Care Opportunities & Events page.

Learn more about MacKillop foster care:

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