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Take the first step to becoming a foster carer

00:05 I think it's a million amazing moments.

00:11 giving her a cuddle in the morning

00:12 when she's all sleepy and warm.

00:14 [It’s] clapping their hands and acting a fool.

00:16 Dancing in the kitchen to silly music.

00:19 And to see them start to smile again

00:21 and interact with others and be happy and giggle.

00:24 Speaking about deep and personal things

00:26 and the struggles that she's had in her life,

00:29 and being able to just be there to listen.

00:31 Their need for each other, and loving each other

00:33 and supporting each other.

00:35 I don't give them as much as they give me,

00:00:37 the love.

00:38 You know we're making a difference

00:40 and that's always just a great feeling that we get

00:42 for doing it.

00:44 A lot of people say, "I don't think I'd ever

00:45 be able to do that."

00:47 But it's actually not that difficult.

00:50 This is something we'll keep doing.

00:51 It's been too good of an experience, and I love it.

00:55 I love it.

00:57 This is what I do.

00:59 This is my life.

01:01 Yeah I love it.

01:02 I love it, I do.

01:04 If you can show a child, even for 2 hours,

01:07 that there is more out there for them,

01:10 and better out there for them.

01:12 Even that very little short time

01:13 will stay with them for a very, very long time.

01:17 You can change these kids' lives.