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Outcomes 100

Outcomes 100 is a summary of our first 100 deep dive case reviews of young people in residential care. The deep dive reviews sought to answer the question ‘What can we do better?’ focusing on the culture within each of our homes, and seeking to strengthen our practice and improve outcomes for the young people we care for.

Our Outcomes 100 report presents learnings and data on the first 100 young people reviewed in Victoria. The collation of the data provides intelligence on:

  1. the nature of the children and young people in our care and their families;
  2. the systemic barriers to good outcomes; and
  3. 'what works'; and 'what needs to change' to improve the safety, stability and development of the young person.

The data presented in this report highlights the traumatic and significant abuse history of all children and young people who reside in residential care. The report documents the complexity and depth of their traumatic histories: the loss of loved ones; their experience of horrific family violence; neglect; and physical, sexual and emotional abuse, followed by disrupted attachments, multiple placement breakdowns, mental illness and disrupted education.

The report presents seven recommendations for residential care funders and providers to develop the support they provide to young people to facilitate their healing, enhance their safety and improve their outcomes.