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Paws4Kids raises over $300,000 so our Paw Pals can reach more children

Thanks to the incredible support from our community, our 2020 Paws4Kids Campaign was a barking success and raised more than $312,000 so our Paw Pals therapy dogs can continue to support kids who need extra help to engage at school.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who supported Paws4Kids. This year, your donations had triple the impact thanks to our partners who matched donations: Parade College, Smart Group Foundation, PETstock Assist, Give 52, Bob Stewart and our Paw Prints Matching Circle of individual donors.

We were proud to see one of MacKillop’s therapy dogs, Ivee, accompany Paws4Kids ambassador, Lara Shannon on Studio 10 to talk about the impact of the Paw Pals program. We’re also thankful to our ambassadors this year: Lara Shannon, Sam Docherty, Christie Whelan Browne and Jordan Ablett, for helping raise awareness of the campaign so we could reach our goal.

Reaching our target means that our therapy dogs can help more help kids who’ve experienced abuse, neglect or other childhood trauma to heal and learn again. This achievement is made even greater due to this global health crisis, and we’re especially grateful for the generosity and support from our community in these difficult times.