• Unlocking the key to understanding

    Posted on 11 Apr 2018

    Alice* has been profoundly deaf since birth. She communicates using Auslan (sign language), but very few people are familiar with this language, and Alice is unable to lip read. When ... Read More

  • Patience, love and one hundred million chances

    Posted on 13 Nov 2017

    Ben has been a live-in carer to eight year old Lewis* and 17 year old Hayden* - both of whom experienced significant trauma early in their lives for just ... Read More

  • 'A Big Day In' for children with a disability

    Posted on 13 Oct 2016

    Children with a disability dont always have the opportunity to spend time away from the things they know. Often their world can consist of their home, school and sometimes the ... Read More

  • MacKillop's Community Inclusion Team - Ensuring Kids Are Safe, Respected, Included and Heard

    Posted on 10 Dec 2015

    We would like to congratulate MacKillop staff members from our Disability Services Community Inclusion Team as the 2015 winners of The Edmund Rice Award for Excellence in Professional Practice ... Read More

  • Breaking Down Barriers for Kids with a Disability

    Posted on 03 Dec 2015

    International Day of People with Disability is held on 3 December each year. It aims to increase understanding and acceptance of people with disability, and provides information on how individuals ... Read More

  • Sibz - Supporting the Siblings of Children with Disabilities

    Posted on 18 Nov 2015

    Most of us are lucky enough to experience sibling rivalry, and I say lucky because it is part and parcel of having a brother or sister. I both love and ... Read More

  • Advocating for a Better World

    Posted on 29 Sep 2015

    MacKillop Family Services strives to play a leadership role in changing social policy and achieving better outcomes for the children, young people and families we work with. Over the past six ... Read More

  • Step Right Up!

    Posted on 17 Jul 2015

    Emma Leunig, from MacKillops Disability Services, shares the story of Jamie*, a participant in our Inclusive School Holiday Programs. Its easy to see why Jamies experience reminded our staff of ... Read More

  • A Loving Home for Dylan

    Posted on 09 Jun 2015

    Greg and Jenny decided to become MacKillop foster carers approximately 12 years ago. Their busy household consisted of themselves (a doctor and midwife) and their three school-age children. Jenny desired ... Read More

  • A Uniform Approach Won't Fit Everyone

    Posted on 22 May 2015

    Justin Roberts, Leading Teacher at MacKillops Flexible Learning Centre Geelong, reflects on the importance of digging deeper for the underlying cause when a student doesnt comply with uniform or dress ... Read More