St Augustine's Orphanage - Geelong, Victoria

Black and white photo of St Augustine's Highton. The immense size of the new orphanage illustrated. In January 1939.

1855 - Friendly Brothers’ Society
Around the same time that ten acres of land was granted to the St Vincent de Paul Society in South Melbourne, the Victorian Government gave three acres and £500 for the establishment of a Catholic orphanage in Newtown, Geelong. The Friendly Brothers' Society established temporary accommodation for children.

1857 - St Augustine’s Orphanage, Geelong
The Friendly Brothers opened St Augustine's Orphanage in Newtown and by the end of the 1850s, after several years of operation, it become home to over 60 children. After several years of operation the girls were moved to a new property nearby. In 1878 the Christian Brothers assume management of St Augustine's Orphanage and acquired farm land to assist in becoming self-sufficient in farm produce with farming and gardening as school subjects.

1939 - St Augustine’s Orphanage, Highton
St Augustine's moves to Highton with a spacious, purpose designed building with over 620 acres of farmland and employed modern farming techniques in the 1940s. There were 350 boys in residence at this time.

1966 - St Augustine’s Boys’ Home, Highton
A name change reflected the move to qualify workers in child care, to break down the dormitory system of living and the introduction of cottages with more of a family atmosphere.

1988 - St Augustine’s Adolescent and Family Services, Whittington
With the move to Whittington the name was change to St Augustine's Adolescent and Family Services with young people being cared for in small groups in residential houses spread around the suburbs of Geelong.