St Joseph's Babies' Home - Broadmeadows, Victoria

Black and white historic photo of St Joseph's Babies Home Broadmeadows. Date Unknown

1901 - St Joseph’s Foundling Hospital, Broadmeadows
In 1901, Archbishop Carr enlisted Mary MacKillop to respond to the needs of mothers and babies. Mothers who had no support needed a place to live before or after the birth of their babies, families struggling illness or poverty would bring their young child for respite care.

1931 - A mothercraft nurse training school was established at Broadmeadows to provide staff to care for babies. There was an emphasis on hygiene, baby care, feeding formula and infant development. Nurses were encouraged to provide special attention to one particular child.

1966 - St Joseph’s Babies Home, Broadmeadows
Through the decades families and societal judgements about women who became pregnant outside of marriage promoted adoption as the only solution. Babies were admitted to the home awaiting adoption with mothers able to stay at the home following the birth.

1975 - St Joseph’s Babies and Family Service, Glenroy
After the closure of the Babies Home, the Sisters of St Joseph established a foster care service for babies awaiting adoption and for children in need of respite placement.