St Joseph's Receiving Home - Carlton, Victoria

Historic black and white photo of St Joseph's receiving home, Calrton. Date Unknown.

1902 - St Joseph’s Receiving Home Barkly Street, Carlton
In 1901 Mrs Margaret Goldspink spoke to the Sisters of the need for a Receiving Home near the Women’s Hospital in Carlton so that women and girls without support during the last stages of pregnancy could have care and a safe, private place to stay.

1906 - St Joseph’s Receiving Home Grattan Street, Carlton
At the end of 1905 Archbishop Carr purchased a house in Grattan Street and asked Mary MacKillop to manage it. The Sisters arrived in mid-1906 and before the end of the year they were caring for ‘waiting mothers’. Women could stay until they found a live-in situation or could return to family. During the 1940s the Children’s Welfare Association and other welfare leaders in Victoria campaigned to promote adoption as the most acceptable solution to unwed pregnancy. In 1969 the Victorian Government extended Family Assistance to single mothers. This gave some hope as societal judgements were also beginning to change. In July 1973 the Commonwealth Government Supporting Mothers’ Benefit was introduced. In 1967 more than half of Victorian children born out of marriage were adopted, in 1975 only 10 per cent were adopted.

1985 - St Joseph’s Babies and Family Services, Glenroy
In 1986 the service was relocated in Glenroy.