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Her personality shines

MacKillop Case Manager, Julian Franze describes the remarkable turnaround for nine-year-old Hailey*.

“The changes we have seen in Hailey are testament to the secure, nurturing home her foster carers provide. For the first time, Hailey’s happy and confident personality shines.”

Hailey, who had experienced physical violence and neglect while living with her family, was welcomed with open arms by her foster carers. Their patience, boundaries, and routine, coupled with respect, care and warmth, have seen Hailey’s disruptive trauma-based behaviours improve significantly.

In a single school term last year, there were 60 behavioural incidents reported by the school. Thanks to the stability, structure, and schedule that the foster carers put in place with the help of the MacKillop team, there were zero incidents the following term. Hailey is now an active part of the household and school. She is respectful to her carers, other young people in the home, and teachers. Previously scared and unsure, she now greets people with a smile and confidence.

Julian says, “Foster carers provide a secure and stable home that is paramount for a child to feel safe, nurtured, and happy. Foster care is vital to young people in Australia unable to live at home, to give them a chance to flourish and connect to community.”