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Looking towards a bright future

Amari*, 16 came from a strict cultural background, where his complex trauma and resulting behaviours both at home and at school led him to be locked out of the family home by his stepfather.

Following breakdowns in placements, first with his interstate grandparents and then a family friend, he came to live in a MacKillop therapeutic residential care home.

Despite his feelings of rejection by his family and community, Amari thrived in his new home. Thanks to the close trusting relationships he developed with his carers, he became determined to be a better version of himself and prove to himself and his family what he could achieve. Amari worked hard at school and built positive school and peer connections.

2024 will be a big year for Amari as he has been accepted into a Vocational Major course. He wants to study a trade and follow in the footsteps of his father. He will also transition to an independent living program and continues to log hours behind the wheel to work towards obtaining his driver’s licence.

MacKillop Case Manager, Illy Hassan is delighted to see how far Amari has come in the past few years. Illy says, “Having consistent carers within a therapeutic living model has really helped Amari to progress, build relationships and feel supported. We are all so proud of him”.

*Names have been changed and stock images used to protect the privacy of our clients