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Celebrating 25 years with MacKillop Family Services

Well, the greatest thing we've done in the last 25 years is we've never lost our focus. Never lost our focus on the kids and on the families and making sure that their life has as much potential as possible and we've done, I think, because of the gift and love from our staff.

I think her strength of MacKillop is the strength of the staff. And the strength of the staff is they care for each other, as well as caring for their clients. What I've found so valuable at MacKillop is the staff look out for each other. They know they're not individuals. They're working as a team.

Dealing with the Board of Directors, the executive, the staff and the carers who delivered the services and families services, it was such a delight to dealing with people who had such enormous capacity and resilience and a focus on the clients above all other things was just wonderful to experience.

I just feel so proud today and really very humbled to see what's happened and to hear the story and 25 years the extraordinary growth. But based very strongly around that fundamental principle of the welfare of people, particularly those who need help to find their own confidence and get their own way forward in life.

There's many things Mackillop that make me proud and I think the thing I'd like to focus on is the development in the beginning and the faithfulness to the three traditions of the congregations and the founding congregations. But then, it was up to MacKillop to take that forward and to develop their own ethos.

What makes me proud is the significant journey that we have been on toward cultural change at MacKillop from a commitment to reconciliation, Aboriginal self-determination, and cultural competence within the whole organisation.

My message for staff both now and into the future, is continue to be bold, continue to be brave, continue to be innovative, and always listen to the voice of young people because they know best what they need to thrive.

I’m always inspired by our staff despite no matter what program they work for, their absolute compassion and dedication to those clients that we serve.

I’d like to thank all the staff for their wonderful contribution and their large heartedness.

My hope for MacKillop future is that we stay true to the heart of what we're all about. And that is always preventing harm for children and young people and families. And when there has been harmed doing something about it that is healing, staying true to our commitment to cultural safety, staying true to our inclusive spirit, that we welcome everybody and celebrate diversity.