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MacKillop's Central West Supported Playgroup

00:00:00 The Central West Supported Playgroup

00:00:02 introduces newly arrived refugee families

00:00:05 to play-based learning,

00:00:07 early years services and social networks.

00:00:10 Using an outreach model,

00:00:12 parents and carers enhance their relationship with children,

00:00:16 link with support services and practice English.

00:00:19 The Playgroup is coordinated by

00:00:21 MacKillop's Western Regional Parenting Service

00:00:24 in partnership with Maribyrnong City Council

00:00:27 and Central West Shopping Center

00:00:29 and is located within the Central West Shopping Center.

00:00:33 A Deakin University independent review

00:00:35 commended the service,

00:00:37 for the positive outcomes it achieves

00:00:39 for at-risk and hard to reach families.