Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors (Lead Tenants)

MacKillop are looking for Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors (also known as Lead Tenants) across Melbourne suburbs.

Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors live (rent-free) in a MacKillop house with young people aged 15-19 years. They are not paid workers. 

The role of a Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentor is to act as positive role models for the young tenants, both in managing their own day to day routines and commitments, and more broadly in their personal conduct within the house and the community.

Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors provide general direction, encouragement and support within the household, predominantly by example.

The Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors houses are an important model of service for young people who have the ability to adapt to more independent living arrangements, but who require support and encouragement to develop the necessary skills to share accommodation and live successfully in community settings.

Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors are expected to demonstrate a positive and balanced lifestyle, to participate equally in domestic chores and duties and to ensure that any conflicts arising within the household are dealt with in a positive and productive manner.

Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentors lead by example and their lifestyle should meet standards acceptable to the wider community and the expectations implicit in MacKillop Family Services duty of care to the young tenants.

Our volunteers are provided with supervision, 24-hour support and ongoing training.

Key criteria for MacKillop Volunteer Live-in Youth Mentor positions include:

  • an ability to make a commitment and work as part of a team
  • a willingness to attend supervision and training
  • specific skills according to program needs
  • a commitment to the policies and values of MacKillop
  • willingness to undergo a Police Check and obtain a Working with Children Check
  • being a positive role model to young people living in the house
  • participating in discussions, house meetings and training sessions
  • participating in regular supervision with the case manager
  • assist and encourage young people to develop household routines and manage their day-to-day needs
  • liaising with support staff and case managers on a regular basis on issues affecting the residents or household
  • contacting the on-call worker in the case of emergency or if the household members are at risk to themselves or others
  • to act in the best interests of the resident young people at all times
  • maintaining the confidentiality of the young people
  • ensuring that the policies and procedures of MacKillop Family Services are adhered to as prescribed in orientation and training and in the Operations Manual
  • overseeing fire safety procedures in accordance with MacKillop Family Services policies (see Operations Manual C.20 Fire Safety Management).

For further information contact Kelli Hewton (03) 8398 6890 or Raquel Cukierman on (03) 9257 2234 .

Location: Melbourne (all regions)

Department: Lead Tenant Services

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