Become a Foster Carer

“Getting up and seeing the smiles on the girls faces makes it all worthwhile.” – Sally, foster carer


Foster caring is one of the most important and rewarding roles you can play in your community.

MacKillop urgently needs foster carers in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

Foster carers help children and young people who cannot live with their family, many of whom have experienced trauma or difficult events.

By providing a stable home, foster carers can help give children and young people a brighter future.

There are many types of foster care. You can provide care for a weekend, a few weeks, a few months or even years. You choose the type of care that suits you. What matters most is you can give a child or a young person a safe, nurturing and loving home.

As a foster carer you can:

  • work, stay at home, study or be retired
  • be single or have a partner
  • have children of your own or not
  • own or rent your home
  • be from any culture or religion 

Foster carers are trained, assessed and accredited before they start caring for a child or young person. This process involves several screening checks. We will walk by your side each step of the way.

If you’re interested in being a foster carer, please complete our enquiry form. We’ll get in touch with you to answer all of your questions!

Can you help give a child or a young person a brighter future?

Yes, I can help a child!

WATCH - The difference you can make as a foster carer

Hear from actual foster carers about the rewards and challenges of caring for a child or young person.


  • Foster Care Enquiry Hotline1300 791 677

Supporting children for three generations, and counting...

Caring for children in need has been a focus of Pauline's life for many years. Today, along with husband Shane and her family, Pauline continues to transform the lives of young people who cannot live with their families.

Years ago along with her parents, Fr Peter Hudson and the Nunan family, Pauline started a local Nobody's Children branch to fundraise for disadvantaged children.
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Can you help us find a home-based carer for a Cara at MacKillop home in Glen Waverley?

Cara at MacKillop is seeking carers to provide a safe and supportive home environment for the young people living in its Adolescent Community Placement home in Glen Waverley. The home can accommodate up to three young people, and is currently home to a brother and sister, aged 13 and 15.

Natalie Rio, Team Leader at Cara at MacKillop, says it is an extremely rewarding role and that carers will receive regular, structured support and professional development to help them transform the lives of the young people in the house.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

LeAnne Ross, Senior Therapeutic Practitioner, Clinical Services at MacKillop Family Services shares her insights.

Christmas and summer holidays it can be a time of joy, excitement, families and togetherness. But for many children in care, many of whom have experienced abuse and neglect, it can be a time of conflicting emotions, higher stress and altered behaviours.

While children and young people in care may be excited for the summer holidays and spending time with their foster family, they can also experience feelings of loss and sadness. Sometimes this period triggers memories of past trauma (for example, ... Read More

How to become a foster carer

Being a foster carer is one of the most important and rewarding roles you can play in your community. Each year, the number of children and young people requiring a foster care placement grows more rapidly than we can recruit individuals and families to care for them. As a result, there is a shortage of foster carers. Read More