MacKillop Primary School - Maidstone

MacKillop School, Maidstone is a Year 3-6 program that aims to enhance engagement or re-engage children and young people in education.

Four young boys, students, sit linked arms smiling in the school ground.

We provide a trauma-informed setting to ensure that every student experiences success in their learning.  Our model of education is aspirational and we foster a love of learning in an environment that is safe, supportive and committed to ongoing improvement.

We recognise and celebrate the interconnectedness between wellbeing and learning and consequently promote a holistic approach catering for the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the children and young people in our care.  

The principles of contemporary learning are incorporated into the curriculum and consequently, programs are individualised and differentiated, catering for diverse learning styles and interests.  Inquiry based learning, information technologies and opportunities that engage the learner in the local community inform the learning experience.  The teacher student ratio will not exceed 2:4 and individual support may be provided, as required.

The length of enrolment at MacKillop Primary School (Maidstone)will be assessed on an individual basis.  A collaborative and interdisciplinary approach supports our work with children and young people and draws on the knowledge, skills and understanding of teachers, integrations aides, education support workers, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and youth workers.

How to access this service:

For more information or to obtain referral and enrolment forms call (03) 8317 9700 or email