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MacKillop Education operates a specialist school, with 3 campuses, suited to students whose learning needs, and social and/or emotional challenges, cannot be adequately supported in a mainstream setting.

To cater for a student’s learning and wellbeing needs, we provide an environment that empowers students to re-engage in education and supports them academically and socially so they can experience success in learning. Students return to their host school, when possible, or they are able to continue and complete their education at MacKillop.

MacKillop’s specialist school campuses in Victoria are located in:

  • Geelong: Foundation - VPC
  • Maidstone: Year 3 - Year 6
  • Caulfield: Foundation – VPC

MacKillop implements the Victorian Curriculum. Our Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments model (ReLATE), ensures we provide a safe learning environment for children and young people impacted by a disability, adversity or trauma.

In addition to our specialist school settings, we also offer education and engagement programs for students who are not currently attending school, or at risk of disengagement. These outreach programs work with students in their homes or at their mainstream schools, and provide academic tutoring, mentoring and opportunities for social and emotional learning.